Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Although our work sounds very complex from the outset, you’ll be surprised if we tell you that we get this most common questions from people meeting us for the first time – why must I start my own business? That question is laden with doubts or fears. And because most people that ask that question have the same answer as to why they don’t want to pursue entrepreneurship, we put up this post filled with reasons why you must do it now.

You have spare time.

Before you light up and start leaving your day job because of this reason, this can take time at first. At the first few weeks of starting your business, expect you will be working for longer hours and less pay. However, everything will be worth it, especially when you are doing things right. You will be able to master your schedule and even the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur. Once you achieve that, you will be amazed at your achievement.

You’ve got a story to tell everyone.

Whenever you start telling people that you are running your own business, the most common question they will ask is that they want to know what you are doing, how you do it and how is it going today. You are always happy to tell everyone about your achievements and even the mistakes that you have committed along the way. And whenever you share your stories, there is this spark in you that you want to do more so that you get to share more.

Tax benefits

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, they have the best opportunity on their hands, and that is by taking advantage of the tax perks laid for them. Many of them get to write off their expenses such as food, bills, phone, travel, a part of their car payments, etc. Also, they get to qualify for the incentives provided by the government, too. You only have to ensure that you ask the accountant involved with your business regarding the tax benefits that you are accessible to.


When you own and build something successful, you have that great feeling welling up inside you. You once got a vision, and you were able to execute the vision.


If you are a bus driver, plumber or a doctor, it can be quite difficult to imagine that you pass your career on to your loved ones. However, when you own a business, this is something that you can pass it on to the generation following you. You can be proud of this too since you founded and created it.

Job security

Have you experienced getting fired, downsized or laid off? You will get this when you did. When you pursue entrepreneurship, the job security here lies with the fact that you get to be your own boss. You are running the show and you do not have any worries about letting it go.


Entrepreneurs are considered communal creatures. They love meeting with each other, learn about each other’s experiences and swap stories. The circle of acquaintances and friends will grow on you when you become an entrepreneur since a lot of founders need others to speak and lean on in order to talk and survive about the challenges that only they know about.

Doing good

While doing good is not really exclusive for entrepreneurs, this is a definite perk for them. You get to control where your profits for the company will go. If you choose to do so, you can even allocate your financial goals on to the others.