Top ROI Stories

MDS Sciex of Concord, ON experienced a 40% gain in productivity. Phillips & Temro Industries of Winnipeg increased throughput by 15% and reduced inventory by a similar amount on major processes.  Larsen & Shaw of Walkerton, ON was able to maintain current profit margins despite a 20% drop in the U.S. dollar, as well as reduce manufacturing lead-time by 25%.

Incredible savings and gains?  You bet!  But a lot more commonplace than one might expect - if you know where to look.

Here are some other statistics just as startling:  throughput increased by 18%; productivity up by 25%; defect rates down by 40%; cost improvements increased by 2% year-over-year.  These are just some of the benefits that companies participating in the Innovation Insights program have been able to realize - both as a host company opening its doors to an industrial tour or as a tour participant.

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Success Story #1        Phillips & Temro / Loewen Windows        ROI:  Increased Throughput by 15%

Success Story #2        Larsen & Shaw / CGL Manufacturing        ROI:  Maintaining Profit Margins


Success Story #1

Participant:  Phillip s & Temro, Winnipeg, MB

Phillips & Temro designs, manufactures, and supports power products for the automotive industry including cold start and emission control products such as engine pre-heating systems, intake air heating systems, intake and exhaust silencers, and air filtration products.  Concept design and analysis, design verification, durability testing, and evaluation services complement Phillips & Temro's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Host:  Loewen Windows, Steinbach, MB

Loewen Windows builds windows and doors for homes in Canada and around the globe.  Emphasizing a family tradition and a strong work ethic, Loewen Windows also embraces new technologies and seeks out innovative ideas from around the world, ensuring that its workforce of over 1200 employees and its bottom line are dedicated to continuous Improvement.


Bottom Line Improvement:  Increased Throughput by 15%

Phillips & Temro credits Innovation Insights with helping to foster a better understanding of the opportunities and benefits of continuous improvement, which is of particular value in sustaining strong relationships with all employees.

Plant Manager, Tony Ma says such tours are also "an essential opportunity for management to benchmark ourselves against other companies' progress on continuous improvement as well as to gain new perspectives."

The company's commitment to continuous improvement activities has earned it a significant return on investment, increasing throughput by 15%, reducing inventory by a like amount, and reducing defects by 5-20ppm.

Loewen Windows of Steinbach, MB, which builds windows and doors for export around the world, was an Innovation Insights host for Phillips & Temro.  Blair Seale, Loewen's Value Chain Manager, says his company is committed to the Innovation Insights program and to "passing on our experience and expertise in continuous improvement."



Success Story #2

Participant:  Larsen & Shaw Ltd., Walkerton, ON

Larsen & Shaw Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of top quality custom and standard continuous hinges, butt hinges, and custom metal stampings for the North American market.  In business since 1919, Larsen employs for 100 people in their 93,000 square foot facility in Walkerton, Ontario. 

LARSEN & SHAW Website:

Host:  CGL Manufacturing, Guelph, ON

An ISO 9002 registered company with facilities in Guelph, Ontario, CGL Manufacturing supplies machines components, weldments, and assemblies to off-road equipment manufacturers around the world.  


Bottom Line Improvement:  Maintaining Profit Margins  

Larsen & Shaw of Walkerton, ON is a manufacturer of hinges and custom metal stampings.  The company credits its participation in an Innovation Insights program at CGL Manufacturing of Guelph, ON as "the major inspiration for deciding to go on the lean journey.  This resulted in a number of kaizen blitzes that eliminated waste and associated costs." 

Company president John Larsen noted, "we were able to recover the margin that was lost with 20% drop in the U.S. dollar and reduce lead time 25% by creating a cell that enabled flow." 

CGL Manufacturing supplies components and assemblies to off road equipment manufacturers around the globe.  It is an active host in the Innovation Insights program and emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge it has gained about eliminating waste and running a profitable, efficient manufacturing facility. 

Bart Van Cromvoirt, Vice-President, Marketing and Sales of CGL sums up the value of the Innovation Insights program:  "We look at our role in hosting Innovation Insights events as a way to return value to our company and to help build a robust Canadian manufacturing sector for the future."